sábado, diciembre 10, 2005

Carlos y Jose

---- rapidshare ----

Carlos: Hey Jose

Jose: What's up Carlos

Carlos: I've been thinking, why don't we go to the impound lot and get us a picture taken there for our new LP....

Jose: Naahhh I don't think so, I was thinking maybe we could get ourselves some Ak-47s and look real mean on the cover....

Carlos: Well yeahh, but remember that your compadres Luis y Julian already did it that way...

Jose: Oh that's true, but we can still go to the cantina and get some good shots there...

Carlos: Everybody does it..

Jose: We can rent some horses and dress like mariachis...

Carlos: Stick with me and we'll get to the top...

Jose: Only if you buy the beers...

Carlos: Deal.....


Blogger QQF resident said...

Just wanted to say I think this is a wonderful idea, to post sleeves etc. I love collecting this stuff on my computer for later use as sleeves for cd-rs - with a little editing added, of course. Thanks.

9:03 a. m.  
Blogger Pops and Scratches said...

Hey Gringo
I love both of your sites but this is a must album for me. Please please please post what is on this vinyl to download.
You may like the post that will be on my site at the start of the year, it is all Maricachi Music. I may have to use one of your downloads if I can get them to work.
Try www.yousend.it/
Cheers and here is my Blog


5:39 a. m.  
Blogger Sr. Mexicant said...

I would love to post the songs from this albums, but my needle is broken and is impossible to find one where I live, so I'm just waiting for Santa Internet to show up and bring me the one I want.

So until january I'm stuck with what I have.


That mariachi thing sounds interesting

6:15 a. m.  
Blogger Pops and Scratches said...

I tell you what I will have a look for a needle here for you and send it to you.
Just tell me what needle it is and I will do the rest.;)

6:30 a. m.  
Blogger Marisa said...

Jajajajajaja! Que cura con estos muchachos y su portada! por lo visto no le dolio el golpe a jose (o carlos, quien es el atropellado?) se ve muy contento ahi tirado en el suelo! el otro es el que la esta perreando para levantarlo! jajajaja pos si, esta bien masiso el wey! no mas ve como dejo el carro jajajaja.....

saludos! me gusta tu blog, ta curada! ;)

2:46 a. m.  
Blogger Sr. Mexicant said...

que chido que te gusta el blog, espero que lo sigas visitando y gracias por tus comentarios

11:39 p. m.  
Anonymous tity said...


1:19 a. m.  
Blogger ana_xyz said...

Muy buena historia!
Mi jefe me está viendo, me estoy riendo sola.. jiji

12:49 p. m.  
Anonymous JesusRDZ Mex said...

Carlos Tierranegra es el que esta en el suelo, Jose Rodriguez (qepd) trata de levantarlo.
MAS que portadas chafas son VERDADERAMENTE HISTORICAS!!
GRACIAS por darnos la oportunidad de poder verlas y DISFRUTARLAS

12:30 a. m.  

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