jueves, enero 26, 2006

Los Dos Frailes

This is the soundtrack for the movie "The 2 Friars", starring the Almada Brothers, actors & producers of hundreds of the worst mexican movies from the 70's and 80's that you can imagine.

If you're taking some promotional pictures for your movie, why don't just take more than one, so you can use one for the front cover and one for the back, well, they decided that one was enough, and just cut it by the middle (can you see that almost half of the body's missing in the guy in the right side?).

Here's the back cover, with the picture still "uncutted".

The movie is about 2 friar brothers that decided that guns were better than a bible (never seen it, but it's obvious).

---------Aqui esta el disco completo para los que lo pidieron---------

bajar el disco (download)

Aqui esta el tracklist:

Lado A:
01- Los Dos Frailes
02- Dos Corazones Errantes
03- El Rey De Corazones
04- Si Nos Dejan
05- Las Calaveras
Lado B:
06- Tierra Salada
07- Como Clavo
08- Echame Todos Tus Perros
09- Popurri De La Nostalgia (Cancion Mixteca-La Negra Noche-Cuatro Milpas-Adios Mi Chaparrita-Donde Estas Corazon-Cancion Mixteca)

Todas las canciones son cantadas por los mismisimos Almada Brothers.

sábado, enero 21, 2006

Alfredo "El Pulpo" Y Sus Teclados

You'll have a successful carrer if you play the keyboards and people call you "The Octopus", (I would take it as a compliment), well, that's what it says on the cover (Alfredo "The Octopus" and his Keyboards).

I didn't hear from him until I found this record, for less than a buck, (still sealed!!!, maybe is worth millions!), and yes, I know you're wondering right now why in the world is an elephant dancing on top of a circular keyboard holding a "torta" (kind of a big sandwich, made of everything imaginable).

The explanation is very simple, one of the songs included in the full album is called "La Torta", and another one is called "El Baile Del Elefantito" (Little Elephant Dance), so there's your cientific explanation for this "aberration", (I made a rhyme, uhuuuu).

And if you want to see the cientific answer as to why they call him "The Octopus", click here

martes, enero 17, 2006

Los Caracoles - Locura Tropical

When you see this kind of stuff you feel the urge to buy it, who cares about the music??, introducing: Los Caracoles (The Snails), the album: Locura Tropical (Tropical Madness).
I don't know why in the world they chose that name, if I was the Art Director I would've chosen TropiKISS, (jajajaja), at least it looks like they did spent some time working in the logo...
Here's a look at the back cover

And if by any means you want to hear a song talking about some pigs that got married click here

03 - El Baile De Los Cochinitos (The Dance Of The Little Pigs)

Note: Any similarities with actual members of KISS is purely coincidential.