martes, enero 17, 2006

Los Caracoles - Locura Tropical

When you see this kind of stuff you feel the urge to buy it, who cares about the music??, introducing: Los Caracoles (The Snails), the album: Locura Tropical (Tropical Madness).
I don't know why in the world they chose that name, if I was the Art Director I would've chosen TropiKISS, (jajajaja), at least it looks like they did spent some time working in the logo...
Here's a look at the back cover

And if by any means you want to hear a song talking about some pigs that got married click here

03 - El Baile De Los Cochinitos (The Dance Of The Little Pigs)

Note: Any similarities with actual members of KISS is purely coincidential.


Anonymous jarocho said...

hola, no recuerdo mucho a los caracoles pero creo que tambien hay unos en VERACRUZ MX. ellos tambien cantan musica tropical. muy buenos hacen un ambiente buenisimo. aunque para algunos te lesgusta el tipo de musica que tocan.

9:03 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Hola Mr Mexicant..
ojala y podria volver a subir este magnifico disco...
estaria muy agradecido.. un saludo desde Mexico..
tendras algun disco de el grupo la Religion, originarios de Veracruz..
esperando tu pronta respuesta..

10:30 p. m.  

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