martes, julio 11, 2006

Ciclon - Sentimental

Introducing Grupo Ciclon, a band of 5 mean, well dressed, cigarette smoking, "good looking" guys (well I'm not sure about the guy wearing pink pants), ready to eat the world with their great music (wink wink).

And above all, very intelligent... at least that's what their manager wanted them to look like in the back let's take a closer look as we go inside their headquarters, and see a day in the life of Ciclon:

--The mean looking guy is looking so mean because he knows he's the best chess player in the world (nevermind he cheated by putting the king and queen in the wrong place).

--The guy in the green space suit is wondering why he lost in just 2 movements, "I better quit smoking"-he said- "I can't focus on my chess playing".

--"We'd better call Kasparov" -the guy sitting on the sofa said- "I think I have his number in my phone book", "He has to see this checkmate"...

--"Will you stop it guys, don't you see I'm trying to write the songs for our next album", "Gimme a break" -the guy in the middle said.

--"Geeee, pink pants are the greatest thing since bell bottoms, they make me look like a real man....".