sábado, enero 21, 2006

Alfredo "El Pulpo" Y Sus Teclados

You'll have a successful carrer if you play the keyboards and people call you "The Octopus", (I would take it as a compliment), well, that's what it says on the cover (Alfredo "The Octopus" and his Keyboards).

I didn't hear from him until I found this record, for less than a buck, (still sealed!!!, maybe is worth millions!), and yes, I know you're wondering right now why in the world is an elephant dancing on top of a circular keyboard holding a "torta" (kind of a big sandwich, made of everything imaginable).

The explanation is very simple, one of the songs included in the full album is called "La Torta", and another one is called "El Baile Del Elefantito" (Little Elephant Dance), so there's your cientific explanation for this "aberration", (I made a rhyme, uhuuuu).

And if you want to see the cientific answer as to why they call him "The Octopus", click here


Anonymous Anónimo said...

This album seems to be quite interesting and besides very rare!
I've just found yourweb but it's great! Because your post was a lot of weeks ago I can't find a link to these album! :(
Anyway I'm ver happy taking a look this place!

9:52 p. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Hace mucho tiempo que no veía un comentario de "El Pulpo"

9:45 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Y someone wants some music of this man, i can upload some music.

Here in Mexico is very easy to find, and well, its no a big musician really

3:35 p. m.  

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